3 Reasons Why Reviving Your College Blog is a Bad Idea

Yeah, that’s right, I’m shoving this blog in the microwave and serving it up just like grandma used to make! (I’m hoping for results slightly better than death warmed over.) Having graduated from a mere college intern to full-time “only adulting when absolutely necessary” member of the millennial workforce, I’ve decided to give this blogging … More 3 Reasons Why Reviving Your College Blog is a Bad Idea

“American Classics” No. 8 – Netflix

Last summer, the popular American provider of streaming media, Netflix, made a series of choices that resulted in a crisis of public relations that resounded across the nation.  In an ongoing effort to redeem them from this disaster, the company has engaged in recovery tactics over the past year.  An analysis of their decisions leading … More “American Classics” No. 8 – Netflix

“American Classics” No. 7 – Lincoln Gets a New Look

Recently, a good friend of mine brought to my attention the latest company overhaul and reinvention; Lincoln, a subdivision of Ford Motors, has decided to shake the dust off of their brand and re-inject themselves into the luxury vehicle market. What do you think of or imagine when someone mentions Lincoln cars? Do you remember … More “American Classics” No. 7 – Lincoln Gets a New Look

“American Classics” No. 6 – Burger King

Now, I am personally not the biggest fan of fast food, but it’s hard to say that I don’t indulge every now and again, especially during times like these: FINALS WEEK! Hot, fast, cheap and delicious is the ideal combination for the stressed out student eating at odd hours. Recently, while listening to paid programming … More “American Classics” No. 6 – Burger King

“American Classics” No. 4 – Hostess

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock lately, the iconic American snack giant, Hostess, filed for bankruptcy and closed for business last month. In a polarized standoff between bakers’ unions and company executives, financial agreements failed to be realized and the entire enterprise collapsed as a result. After 82 years of cream-filled, chocolate-dipped … More “American Classics” No. 4 – Hostess