“American Classics” No. 5 – Apple

Recently, as some of you may know, I had something of a mishap with my iPhone (4) that resulted in something of a personal consumer crisis and the purchase of an iPhone 5. Allow me to explain:

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 1.08.27 AM

My iPhone took an unfortunate spill off of a trashcan and onto my concrete driveway back in New York some months ago and left a lovely spiderweb shaped shatter across the screen. As a result, because I was headed back to Maryland for school that day, and my phone served as my GPS, I needed to shell out for an immediate screen repair. This involved a trip to the mall kiosk, $100 and the change of the color of my front screen glass (from black to white).

That experience prefaces my most recent one. My most recent and apparently fatal mishap was two days ago. My iPhone took a kamikaze leap off of my kitchen counter, resulting in the screen going black. My phone still functioned, I just could not see anything that was going on, or control it (no screen display = no touch control function). Shamelessly unable to go without my smartphone for more than a day, the next evening I made an hour-long sojourn to the Towson Mall Apple store to see if the Geniuses could do anything for me.


This is where that first mishap comes in. They Genius I spoke to (I forget his name due to my resulting impending rage), said that because I had modified my phone through a third party, the warranty was void and the only thing he could do would be to sell me a new phone.



I then proceeded to furiously email my mother back and forth about the situation on my laptop which I had brought with me (no phone, remember?) My options were as follows (after a very complicated shuffling around of upgrades on my Verizon family plan – a debacle I don’t have the patience to go into): I could get an iPhone 4 for free (which is what I already had), an iPhone 4S for $100 or the newest iPhone 5 for $200–all price quotes based on a 2 year contract.

This left me with a pivotal decision as a consumer. How was I to evaluate which phone to get?

From the very beginning, I was dead set against the free iPhone 4. I did not want a replacement of the most outdated model, sue me.

From there, I wondered about the differences between the 4S and the 5. Given the timing, I decided to indulge the hedonist consumer in me, an opt for the iPhone 5, after agreeing to have it be part of my Christmas present this year.

This was an unusually impulsive purchase for me, but I needed a phone right away, and decided on the newest model with all the shininess and new features. Furthering the uncharacteristic nature of my purchasing behavior, I did more research post-purchase.

Below you will find some infographics I came across in my research that I found most helpful.






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