About the Author

In the tap room at Flying Dog Brewery, where I worked as the Graphic Design Intern.

Hey there!

My name is Torie Sullivan and I am the moderator for IMpulse)), my blog about integrated marketing and advertising in today’s society. I began this blog for a class in college and based it upon the major that I designed, titled Integrated Marketing Communications.

Now, I’m a full-time inbound marketing specialist at TSL Marketing and I continue to learn every single day while miraculously using my degree in the process (takes some of the sting out of my student loans… some). My true objective is really not all about myself (even though I know I’ve been talking about ME a lot.) I really just want to start a dialogue among consumers, of all ages and demographics, so that perhaps we can better understand the barrage of messages we are inundated by on a daily basis.

I also hope that through informing ourselves, and examining the creative and psychological relationship between marketing decisions and consumer behavior, we can make better decisions about our consumption, and establish a community of conscientious consumers (say that 10x fast).

So, with your help as readers and my continuing investigation of integrated marketing methods, perhaps we can collaborate to better understand the reasons for our choices, as well as more effective ways to communicate our own messages. This is all with the help of multiple media tools and outlets, such as this very weblog (Does anyone call it that anymore?). I am only just scratching the surface of what it truly means to utilize integrated marketing communications, but I hope through this research I can provide pertinent insight into this multifaceted professional arena.

So, click here or the ‘Home’ button at the top left to start exploring!

“Happy Integrated!”


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